Why Hannah Chose USDA Direct Over FHA - Team Jacob.Realtor's Success Story

Look, we've all been there. A crammed apartment with a lease that feels like a life sentence. And every year? The rent goes up. If you’re nodding your head, you’re not alone. Let me tell you about Hannah.

For two years, Hannah was just like you — trapped in the maze of real estate, with rent that seemed to have its head in the clouds. Sounds rough, right? Every night, she dreamt of a place she could call her own, wondering if she’d ever find it.

Then, enter Bob Dilly, her long-time pastor. They catch up over coffee, and Bob mentions us, Team Jacob.Realtor. We're not just another real estate team. Nope.  "We Do Real Estate That Changes Lives." And Bob whispered something to Hannah that could do just that: "USDA Direct."

Now, before you think this is some kind of fantasy tale, hear me out. This program is the real deal. 100% Financing, zero PMI, and an interest rate that's basically a steal since it would be subsidized down to 1%. Hannah couldn't believe it. Her exact words were, “Is this even real?”

But Hannah, being the go-getter she is, decided to dive in and reached out to us. When she saw the numbers — and realized how much she could save compared to an FHA loan — she was all in.

Comparing a FHA loan at 7% to the USDA Direct's incredible subsidized 1% rate on a $355,000 purchase, the monthly savings are clear:

  • FHA Monthly Payment: $2,759 PITI
  • USDA Direct Monthly Payment: $1,350 PITI.

That's right, she cut her payments by more than half by simply picking a different loan product.

Fast forward a bit, and she's eyeing this gem in Eagle Point. Think: perfect garden beds, hardwood floors that gleam, and a fenced yard that her dog totally approved of. For her, it wasn’t just a house; it was where her next chapter began.

Now, I won't lie. There were bumps on the road. A prolonged underwriting process, repair negotiations, appraisal anxieity, scrounging together earnest money – but you know what? Challenges make the victory even sweeter. And with a solid team by her side (yeah, that's us), Hannah kept her eye on the prize.

Spoiler alert: Hannah’s story has a happy ending. She's now sipping coffee in her new home, a testament to what’s possible when you have the right info and the right team.

Remember our mantra, "We Do Real Estate That Changes Lives"? Hannah is living proof. And if she can do it, so can you.

Want in on this? Text #Hannah1 to 541-897-9898 (or just call us) to take the next step in making Hannah's story yours.

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