Get $15,000 Towards Your New Home With The Access Home Ownership Assistance Program (HOAP)

Are you a first time home buyer? If so, you may be eligible for the Access Home Ownership Assistance Program grant, or HOAP grant . This grant provides up to $15,000 towards the purchase of your new home. To see if you qualify, read on.

What is the Access Home Ownership Assistance Program?

The Access Homeownership Assistance Program is a grant that provides up to $15,000 towards the purchase of your new home. The grant can cover buyer funds to close items such as closing costs, prepaid or downpayment. It is available to first time home buyers who meet income and credit requirements.

To Qualify For The Grant:

In order to qualify for the grant, you must be a first time home buyer. You must also have a minimum credit score of 640. In addition, your household income must not exceed 80% of the median income in your area. As of this writing, November 2022, the maximum household income in Jackson County Oregon is $81,400 and in Josephine County Oregon $60,700. These numbers change every year so don’t disqualify yourself if you are just over the income threshold.

How to Apply For The Grant:

The first step in applying for the HOAP grant is to visit the homeownership tab at Here you can sign up for the Home Buyer Education Course hosted monthly by Access. The course is taught live in person by local Real Estate professionals and Access staff at the Medford Access office. The class covers the basics of home buying including credit, mortgages and real estate. Completing the day long course builds a strong foundation for your home buying experience and creates direct relationships with Real Estate professionals and Certified Access HUD counselors.

We’ve helped multiple families purchase homes in Southern Oregon with the HOAP Grant. It’s a fantastic program that makes homeownership possible for families that would otherwise be stuck as renters struggling to save for down payment or closing costs.. If you have questions or need help please reach out to Team Jacob.Realtor for help! You can call our office at 541-897-9898 or reach us at [email protected].

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