From Cramped Studio to Riverside Dream Home

Many are familiar with the nagging feeling that accompanies writing a rent check every month, knowing that hard-earned money is flying away with nothing to show for it. That was Seraphina’s reality, cooped up in a tiny studio in downtown Medford, with rent that seemed to creep up every year. Yet, deep within, she fostered a dream—a dream of an expansive plot of land, a peaceful riverside retreat, a haven amidst nature's bounty.

And then, as if fate were shuffling its cards, she found herself seated at the "Realizing the American Dream" homebuyer class at Access, led by Jacob Ghena from Team Jacob.Realtor. Their mantra? "We Do Real Estate That Changes Lives." Little did Seraphina know, her life was about to take a turn she'd never imagined.

Seraphina’s tale truly begins with the mention of the Team Jacob.Realtor’s USDA University Coaching Program during the class. With words of encouragement from Jacob and a friend, Sirah, who was already working with Team Jacob.Realtor, she decided to plunge into the uncharted waters of homeownership. But this wasn’t a solitary journey. Team Jacob.Realtor became her compass, navigating her through the murky bureaucratic waters of the USDA’s lengthy approval process.

Now, this journey wasn’t a cakewalk. Over 30 hours of coaching were poured into preparing Seraphina for what lay ahead. Team Jacob.Realtor was there, every step of the way, answering her whirlwind of questions, assisting with the application, and providing weekly updates on the progress. They became her real estate Yodas, coaching her on the nitty-gritty, from the financials to the type of home that would suit her lifestyle and budget.

With the approval letter finally in hand, the real excitement unfolded. Thanks to months of coaching, Seraphina stepped into home shopping with confidence. The very first home she toured felt unequivocally like 'the one'. Her preparation had imbued her with the ability to recognize her dream home instantly. Nestled on 2+ acres a bit out of town, surrounded by a canopy of mountains and kissed by more than 500 feet of the tranquil Upper Applegate River, it was everything she had dreamt of.

The financials too were nothing short of a fairy tale. Seraphina managed the following feat:

  • Appraised Value: $500,000
  • Purchase Price: $390,000
  • Downpayment Grants: $24,000
  • Loan Amount: $366,000
  • Downpayment: $0
  • Equity at the Buy: $134,000

What’s more astonishing is that Seraphina’s total out-of-pocket expense for earnest money, repairs, and inspections was a mere $1,300. All other closing costs were covered by Access Grant funds. And the cherry on top? Seraphina’s total monthly mortgage payment landed at a comfortable $1,530, a far cry from the finance-draining cramped studio she once occupied.

Her story is not just about transitioning from a renter’s woes to a homeowner’s joy. It's a testament to what the right guidance, a sprinkle of courage, and a dash of destiny can brew. With a solid team by her side, Seraphina took on the daunting journey, proving that with the right set of hands guiding you, even the labyrinth of real estate can turn into a straight path leading home.

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